Summer Bucket List for Teens by Teens


May 30, 2013

We've often been asked if we had a "summer bucket list" for teens that we could share. This year, we decided to search the web for lists posted by young people across the country, age 13 - 15, and create a summer bucket list for teens by teens. Here's what we came up with.

We invite you to share this list with students or kids you know and use it as a spring(summer) board to come up with your own ideas—perhaps ideas more suited to your own circumstances. (We're also aware that many of the ideas listed below are female-centric; it seems that most of the teens who put their summer bucket list online were, you guessed it, female.)


Complete a 1,000-piece puzzle

Cook a full meal

Take at least 1,000 pictures

Rebuild a relationship with someone you used to know

Go to the zoo

Perform random acts of kindness—set your own goal for how many

Read 10 books

Read to young children you know

Read a newspaper

Let go of past grudges

Get closer to someone you know

Interview someone you don’t know and learn their life story. Write it up and give it to them.

Have a water fight

Make pizza

Sing a song with a lot of people


Learn as many words or phrases you can in a foreign language

Research 5 colleges

Watch a sunrise

Watch a sunset

Do your family’s laundry

Collect your family’s history

Write a short story

Write a song

Leave famous quotes on the windows of parked cars

Do something that scares you

Learn something new

Stand up for something you believe in

Give advice

Spend a half hour looking at clouds or stars

Create a Tumblr account

Create, direct, and produce a mini film

Choreograph a dance for a music video

Go camping

Put together a fashion show

Build with Legos

Freeze a water balloon and peel off the balloon part

Write a letter and send it, snail-mail style

Do a photo shoot


Plan out a road trip

Make a collage

Bake a cake

Make smoothies

Eat 5 things you haven’t eaten before

Be a vegetarian for a week

Host a dinner party

Body paint

Watch a black-and-white classic movie

Play classic board games (like Monopoly or Chinese Checkers) on a rainy day

Watch a meteor shower

Laugh so hard you cry

Do 100 sit ups a day

Write a complaint/satisfaction letter and wait for a reply

Make a self-portrait using finger paints

Have everyone you meet sign a shirt for a day

Wear a t-shirt saying ‘life’ and hand out lemons

Have a spontaneous scavenger hunt

Ask for a cheeseburger without cheese

Make a giant chocolate chip cookie

Create a new recipe that can be passed down for generations

Have a full-on photography session taking ten photos of objects every color of the rainbow

Find an astronomy pattern in the sky

Catch a fish

Ride you bike to places that are within a 6 mile radius

Make friendship bracelets

Make small talk in an elevator

Get a high score on an arcade game

Organize a huge sport game

Redo your bedroom

Grow some plants

Perform music for others

Draw a chalk masterpiece on your sidewalk or driveway or in a playground

Cook on an open fire

Win a competition

Send a message in a bottle

Put your deepest worry into a balloon and let it go

Dedicate a day to someone important in my life

Live each day as if it’s an adventure, keep the best intentions in mind

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“There’s a radical—and wonderful—new idea here… that all children could and should be inventors of their own theories, critics of other people’s ideas, analyzers of evidence, and makers of their own personal marks on the world.”

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